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Our Copper for your Life

The positive development in fiscal year 2014/15 pushes us to continue on our successful path. The 150th anniversary of the Company’s founding on April 28, 2016 will be a notable milestone. Many things have happened over the course of time. From its modest beginnings, the Company has become one of the world’s leading copper groups. With the upgrade 149.0, we have put Aurubis on track to continue its success story in the coming years as well. However, many things that were initiated and addressed during the reporting year to make Aurubis fit for the future have yet to be implemented and to unfold. The new fiscal year 2015/16 therefore won’t be just a notable anniversary year but also a year of further development.


Copper is the constant in our business. It can be reused nearly an infinite number of times and doesn’t lose quality. Other aspects of our business are always changing:

We receive raw materials and recycling materials in varying qualities. Prices on the copper exchange fluctuate. Technical progress opens up new options for using copper all the time. The conditions in our Company’s environment are also subject to constant change. We don’t just react to these shifts; we address them actively. With ongoing development and, from time to time, with a fundamental upgrade.

In year 149 of the Company’s history, we’re working on Version 149.0. It reflects the demands of changing markets and the relationships with suppliers and customers. It supports a comprehensive network in the expanded Group and targets improved operational and production processes with accordingly adjusted technologies and organizational structures. It establishes the principle of sustainability even stronger than before. Furthermore, it takes into account that the working world is changing and, with it, the requirements for our employees.

The development of the upgrade 149.0 has made significant progress. This report provides more information about what Aurubis is striving for with Version 149.0 and which features are already in use.