17. Financial fixed assets

The interests in affiliated companies and investments included in the financial fixed assets in the amount of € 2,162 thousand (previous year: € 2,173 thousand) are classified as “available-for-sale”. In the fiscal year reported, all interests in affiliated companies were measured at amortized cost since it would only be possible to ascertain the market value reliably within the context of concrete sales negotiations. These interests are not quoted and there is no active market. It is not at present planned to sell the interests.

A detailed overview of the investments included in the financial assets of Aurubis AG, Hamburg, is presented at the end of this report.

The other loans reported in financial fixed assets include neither overdue nor impaired items (see Note 29).

As regards the other financial fixed assets that are neither impaired nor in default of payment, there was no indication as at the current balance sheet date that the debtors would not fulfill their payment obligations.

Fixed asset securities still mainly comprise investments in Salzgitter AG, Salzgitter.