Scope of consolidation

As in the previous fiscal year, in addition to the parent company, Aurubis AG, Hamburg, 22 further companies in which Aurubis AG, Hamburg, holds the majority of the voting rights either directly or indirectly, and thus has control, were included in the consolidated financial statements as at the balance sheet date by way of full consolidation. The consolidated balance sheet date corresponds to the balance sheet date of Aurubis AG, Hamburg, and all consolidated ­subsidiaries, with the exception of three consolidated companies, whose balance sheet date is December 31. Interim financial statements were prepared by these companies as at the consolidated ­balance sheet date for consolidation purposes.

Accordingly, the financial statements of all significant subsidiaries in which Aurubis AG holds legal and/or de facto control are included in these consolidated financial statements.

Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG, Stolberg, a producer of pre-rolled strip, has been accounted for using the equity method in accordance with IFRS 11.24 in conjunction with IAS 28. A 50 % investment is held in this entity, which is managed jointly with another partner (joint venture).